Who are we?

It all began in 1989 when a young jeweller, Ramon Iso, then aged 29, joined forces with a diamond dealer: together they decided to carve out a name for themselves in the jewellery industry and share their passion.

Independent and initially accompanied by five professionals, Ramon Iso now employs more than 200 people, perpetuating his expertise and his taste for excellence.

Ramon Iso's determination, talent and sense of innovation are some of the driving forces behind the excellence of Swiss watchmaking today. A history of diversification and growth.

The year Proserto SA was founded. With a staff of 5 and just as many workbenches, the company specialised in jewellery manufacturing. 

Lavallée and LG Mécanique are founded in the Joux Valley. They respectively specialise in manual and mechanical precision crimping, in the watchmaking and jewellery sectors. 

Sercab is founded in Geneva, focusing on watch crimping, craftsmanship, bracelet manufacture and termination. 

The two companies in the Valley merge and become Val'Heure, located in the current office in Les Bioux since Val'Heure specialises in watch cases and casings, from creation to mass production, including bracelets and terminations.

The group entities join the Responsible Jewellery Concil, a formalisation and certification body recognised in the global jewellery and watchmaking industry. This membership is "the result of the commitment of many workers working towards ethical and responsible practices within the Group, in order to ensure high quality services", validated by a social responsibility that is expressed in the company's relationship with its natural and human environments.

Proserto, Val'Heure and Sercab merge to become Sercab Group SA.
The two Geneva entities will come together under one roof in Plan-Les-Ouates and the Les Bioux site in the Joux Valley expands in 2023 "on the Rose" at the Abbaye.

Knowing our story is also understanding our love for our craft.

It all began in 1990 when a young jeweler, Ramon Iso, aged 23, decided to create his own jewelry manufacturing company, Proserto. The road to success was long and bumpy, but Ramon Iso's talent and sense of innovation took him further and further.

Through hard work and creativity, he has brought together Proserto, Sercab, and Val'Heure into a single group of companies that now employs around 200 people.

Although the three companies exist independently, they complement each other.